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Paid Market Research

Paid Market Research is sometimes offered as a thank you for participating in research projects.

Our market research insight panel gives you the chance to get paid for your opinions with paid market research focus groups, online surveys and interviews (either cash, vouchers or entries into prize draws).

Our work is purely for market research purposes and has nothing to do with sales. Membership and involvement in projects is completely free of charge and you will be protected by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act (registered number: Z1091106) - at no time will your details be released to any third parties without your permission.

How much you get paid very much depends on the type of activity that you participate in. Qualitative Research such as focus groups can pay anything between £30-£100. Shorter surveys would be less.

By registering below you can affect the way that future products and services are developed while getting paid for doing so. Register with our market research insight panel today to start receiving details of our latest paid market research projects.

To take part in paid market research, click here.

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