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Paired Market Research Depths

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Paired Market Research Depths

Paired Market Research Depths, as the name suggests, are interviews that are carried out with two respondents at the same time.

In recent years qualitative technologies have increased dramatically with the introduction of video capture, the internet and high quality sound recordings, resulting in hybrid techniques being used.

Where more traditional methods such as a depth, focus group or observational study won’t suffice, Paired Market Research Depths can be classed as a hybrid technique.

This is a technique that is often used when interviewing children and other audiences that might benefit from being interviewed with a friend or another person to lessen he apprehension of the interview situation.  Other than children, the pair might consist of friendship pairs, family members, partners etc. (whatever combination is deemed appropriate for the research topic).

Whereas in a focus group it is the norm that respondents don’t know each other in order to maintain a balanced group of people. Often in Paired Market Research Depths, the respondents are friendship pairs which can aid the discussion and help it to flow. It’s useful to use this technique to meet certain objectives. For example, understanding the decision making process that involves more than one person when purchasing an expensive possession, such as a car or a holiday.

Research might be needed to understand who takes on what role in a decision, who is the influencer in the relationship and who the financier is.

Paired Market Research Depths should be conducted (where possible) face-to-face, this helps to build rapport with the respondent but also ensures the respondent is free from other distractions, when face-to-face isn’t possible other routes such as online or by telephone can also be used.

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