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Pet Market Research

In market research, pet market research includes research with pet owners, pet retail firms, pet brands and pet charities, across both the private and third sector. This can include anyone who owns a pet, whether it a cat, dog, or horse, to those that work with animals or sell products retailed to pets and their owners.

The types of research methods can include: quantitative, qualitative, face-to-face, focus groups, questionnaires, online or telephone surveys; all of which can cover a range of topics, specified to the client’s purpose of the project.

Examples of research topics can include anything related to the pet’s health, diet, and breed or the pet the owner’s consumer habits, such as the type of products they buy for their pets and how often, as well as their awareness of certain pet-related topics, such as: pet vaccinations, laws of breeding, the type of environment their pet should be bought up in. 

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