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Point of Sale Market Research

Point of Sale is essentially when customers and products first come into contact, whether it’s in-store, online, in a catalogue, on a banner or through an app – the same rules apply.

Point of Sale marketing can often encourage customers to make impulsive purchases and so, in many ways, it is a technique used to encourage consumers to acquire additional products on top of what they intended to buy.

Commonly, shoppers enter a shop with a pre-set purchase in mind, effectively marketing products – offers, discounts or samples – close to the Point of Sale though, can sway consumers to trial new brands which, ultimately, could lead to long-term brand loyalty for the new merchandise.

Point of Sale market research is designed to ensure businesses’ Point of Sale material is maximised in terms of type, design, location and quantity. Effectively managing these areas is a crucial element to any company and can have a direct impact on return on investment.

According to research conducted by the Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), permanent displays are the most favoured form of Point of Sale, followed by media and sign options. Temporary displays, on the other hand, are deemed least popular. However, the effectiveness of various methods will vary from store-to-store and retailer-to-retailer, thus opening the need for retailer-specific research to maximise individual results.

To be effective, Point of Sale displays need to be eye-catching and engaging, ultimately, to immediately entice and intrigue its target audience.

Eye-tracking and observational techniques, as well as surveys, can be used to track Point of Sale trends – which method, however, will differ depending on the type of business.

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