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Postal Market Research

Postal market research involves sending out questionnaires to potential respondents via the post. Respondents are required to fill in the survey themselves and are normally provided with a business reply paid envelope in which to return it. Increasingly, respondents are also offered the opportunity to complete the survey online, and this is made clear within a covering letter.

One of the key drawbacks with traditional postal market research methods is that they typically receive low response rates. Response rates can be boosted with reminder letters, and the inclusion of a detailed covering letter in the initial mailout, signed by someone recognisable from the client side if this is possible. In addition, due to the time frames involved in posting out numerous surveys and reminder letters, and then punching the data from paper questionnaires in to computer systems for analysis, the postal methodology is not one which can normally be turned around particularly quickly.

DJS Research Ltd offer postal market research as a methodology, and have used it successfully on many occassions - particularly for local government and housing sector clients.

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