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QR Market Research Surveys

The term QR Market Research or Quick Response Market Research refers to the method of directing potential respondents to an online survey.

A QR code is a specific two-dimensional code, which can be read by QR barcode readers or a camera phone. To access the information, the participant should aim their camera (or QR barcode reader) at the QR code. The information or destination will open automatically in the users’ browser.

The code itself appears as multiple black components, organised into a white, square box. It can have materials such as URLs, text or other information encoded within it.

Although the destination of a QR code can be determined by a scanner, a human cannot know what to expect unless it is stated alongside the QR code. It is important to provide context when publishing a QR code to give the respondent an expectation as to what will happen when they scan the code.

Conducting a QR Market Research Survey could have its flaws. For example, although some phones include a barcode scanner natively, some demographics may not have access to a camera phone or a QR barcode reader. This may alienate potential respondents and result in some areas of the population being missed.

Despite its flaws, the use of QR codes in Market Research surveys is an easy way to make a survey stand out from the crowd. Although, it is important to note that using a QR code to direct people to your survey will not record email addresses automatically, as other methods may do. It is therefore important to engineer a dedicated question into your survey to accumulate email addresses.

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