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Qualifying Market Research Questions

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Qualifying Market Research Questions

Qualifying Market Research Questions, which also might be known as screening questions, are used in market research to identify a potential respondent that can proceed with the research interview or survey; those who don’t meet the criteria specified by Qualifying Market Research Questions are terminated from the survey. It would be uncommon for a survey to open to anyone to respond; researchers often have a particular market or segment they want to study. Therefore, using Qualifying Market Research Questions helps to determine the right people are taking part and the results of the findings are actually meaningful. Qualifying Market Research Questions are positioned at the beginning of a survey to allow only those eligible for the survey or interview to take place.

There are many benefits from implementing Qualifying Market Research Questions, being able to screen responses lowers costs by avoiding wasting money interviewing respondents who are unsuitable. It also eliminates respondent bias, which can happen when respondents can’t answer a question correctly – this is usually an unconscious act on the part of the respondent. Qualifying Market Research Questions, like all market research questions, should never be leading. Respondents shouldn’t be able to guess easily what the answers should be as this could lead to respondents taking part in a survey they aren’t eligible for.

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