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Questionnaires In Market Research

A questionnaire is a list of questions that is put to a member of the target population; either presented orally or in writing. Questionnaires are effective because they can be designed to suit any product or company and can illicit any information that the customer is willing to give. On the other hand, sometimes questionnaires have a low completion rate so it is essential that they are given to the right people and take a short amount of time to complete.
There are two main types of questions used in questionnaires that provide and need different types of answers: closed and open. Closed questions only require a word or short phrase as an answer and don’t need to be elaborated on. These can be multiple choice or can be left up to the participant to answer how they want. ’How old are you?’ is an example of a closed question as it only requires a word to answer and the researcher will not need a further explanation. Closed questions are quick and simple; however, they don’t allow for a detailed insight.
Open questions allow the participant to answer in their own words and answer about their personal opinion. An example of an open question is: ‘Why did you decide to live there?’. This type of question would need a more in-depth answer and lead to a more personal response. Open questions are used to gain more specific details and opinions and tend to be more time consuming.

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