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Restaurant Market Research

Before restaurants are open, there will be an increased amount of market research performed to uncover a gap in the local market or to illicit what the consumers are really looking for. A common type of market research done for restaurants, prior to opening, is competitor analysis. Understanding the brand equity of a competitor can reveal what the prospective customers are looking for. Furthermore, finding out what consumers like and dislike about the competition allows a restaurant to either sway away or to imitate them to an extent.


The impact that market research has on a restaurant once customers are being served, is just as important. Restaurants require a lot of consumer interactions which increases the importance of having good customer services. Research studies, in this industry, are a great way of uncovering what customers really think, allowing a restaurant to better their customer services.


Performing market research around the location of a restaurant is also necessary. Understanding the situation of the customers allows a company to cater for the local area. For example, having an expensive restaurant with the finest food can be profitable in the right area. However, in other locations, the residents may not have enough money to eat out as much. Furthermore, if the area has more families, a restaurant that provides kids’ meals will gain more customers than a more expensive restaurant with richer-tasting foods.


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