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School Market Research

Market research with schools is often carried out in order to speak to teachers and other educators about their views on a range of topics - including the resources available to them, their satisfaction with their current role, the need for continued professional development (CPD), the potential effects of government legislation or changing regulatory decisions, the national curriculum and numerous other topics.

Research with schools may be commissioned by awarding bodies, government departments, colleges or higher education institutions in to which schools may feed, sector skills councils and charities among others. Most commonly, research is aimed at understanding the views of teachers - although it is not uncommon for specific subject teachers to be targeted, or those with a level of seniority (i.e. Head Teachers and Principals, Bursars, Admissions tutors, Pastoral care staff).

This level of detail, and the limited time available to teachers in the day, makes carrying out market research with schools a difficult and specialist task - requiring flexibility and a good knowledge of the sector. DJS Research Ltd has vast experience in carrying out market research in schools, and also owns and operates the VoicED panel - a specialist education community for teachers and other education professionals to share their views and opinions on any topic.

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