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Segmentation Market Research

Market research segmentation is the procedure of dividing up similar participants of the target population into groups that are different to one another. There are many different ways in which to split up the target market based on the product that is being sold. The idea behind market segmentation is that the researcher can: identify which sub-groups are more likely to purchase a product, conduct research into what is going to make that sub-group buy the product and then tailor accordingly. 

There are a variety of different ways in which you can divide up a target market. Some of the more common ways include: geographics (area or location), behaviour (how they act), psychographics (how they think) and age. For example, you can split up a target market geographically by people that live in city centres, city suburbs and in the countryside. You might find that more potential customers are living in the countryside compared with people in the city centre who would be least likely to purchase the product. By doing this market segmentation it identifies which product is required in the countryside more so than in the cities, allowing the ability to adapt products and marketing suitably. 

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