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Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring involves using a tool or range of tools to listen to what is being said across the internet, with a particular focus on social media and Web 2.0 sites, as well as news sites and the like. It is important to note that despite the name, social media monitoring tools are not solely focussed on social websites – although results can be filtered on these only if required.

The actual monitoring of social media and other websites is undertaken by bots, or spiders, which crawl sites at different intervals, indexing the content on the site and feeding it back to a central reporting mechanism. This allows for the sites, now indexed, to be searched in real time. For instance, if we wanted to understand reactions to a clothing brands new lines, social media monitoring would allow us to see mentions of that brand in real time, and later to produce analysis around peaks and troughs in salience, as well as sentiment, and where possible, the types of people who were saying specific things.

Depending on the exact focus of the research, we can utilise a range of different social media monitoring tools. To find out more, get in touch with our team.


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