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Staff Market Research

Staff research is performed amongst employees to uncover their true opinions and experiences. It is of increasing importance, because the research helps improve customer and employee satisfaction. High employee satisfaction increases the likelihood of people applying for future vacancies as it will be perceived as a nice environment to work in. 
The main reason for the use of staff research is to keep the employees happy in the workplace. Understanding what motivates them will allow for any company to keep its workforce focussed and happy. Staff research can also uncover what the employees dislike about their work, allowing for the company to change and improve. Research studies have shown a direct link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction – further highlighting the necessity for motivated and satisfied employees.
Like most methodologies within market research, staff research can be performed in a variety of different ways. One of the main decisions, however, is which type of data will be used – primary or secondary. Primary data will predominantly be performed via questionnaires and can easily be sent to staff members through their email. Providing closed questions can ensure the survey produces quantitative data and makes sure that the respondent has adequate time to complete it. On the other hand, secondary data is considerably cheaper to perform and is predominately performed with the use of sales data gathered over a longer period of time. Sales data can show consumer purchase differentiations and general customer trends. Using the specific information from the company and public data about employee satisfaction, a detailed study and analysis can be performed to provide a less-detailed yet more cost-effective strategy to uncover employee engagement.

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