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Statistical Analysis

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Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is the process a researcher goes through to uncover patterns and trends within data. The researcher may also choose to use a computer programme to assist in sorting through the data, so a more complex analysis can be performed. Statistical analysis is used as it is a quantitative way to help eliminate bias from a research study. The patterns that statistical analysis uncover can help predict future trends in an industry to help a company stay ahead of the competition. When conducting statistical analysis, many researchers will put the data into graphs or tables as it makes the patterns easier to view. When done correctly, they will show how each data point correlates with the other data points.
Statistical analysis is used in all industries to view progression and to predict future trends. One of the most important is in the health industry and its use of medication. When new medicines are first introduced, statistical analysis is used in order to find out the effect it has on the body and whether the medicine is reacting in the way it is supposed to. For example, a new drug is used to cure a disease, however many people who have taken the medicine experience headaches and breathing difficulties. When statistical analysis is performed, it may be found that all the people with these side effects have asthma, and the medicine is reacting with it.

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