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Strategic Priority Matrix (SPM)

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Strategic Priority Matrix (SPM)

The strategic priority matrix is an effective tool to use in order to demonstrate gaps between the required or expected service level and the level of service currently being received. This can show areas where improvement is needed, as well as areas where less importance is placed by customers and thus where companies can potentially make resource savings.

The exemplar matrix is based on criteria being scored on how high the expectations are and how high the performance is, all ranging from 1 to 10 (although this is not necessary as a scale). Depending on the score, the criterion is placed in a box which identifies the priority of actions to be taken and areas of strength.

Strategic Priority Matrix (SPM)

The strategic priority matrix highlights basic disagreements so that they can be resolved straight away, allowing a team to draw upon the best actions to take, not necessarily all the actions they could take.

In our own strategic prioritisation matrix, used in our engineering polymers research, we measure importance against performance, identifying areas of for action and areas of strength.

Strategic Priority Matrix (SPM)

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