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Syndicated Market Research

Syndicated market research is a study performed and funded by a market research company, without any specific client. The data collected is then presented and made available for anyone to buy. Syndicated market research is often conducted to uncover new information in an industry that the research company would like to move towards, or to utilize any spare resources due to lack of other work. Syndicated market research is also used to ascertain any feedback about their own research company or their competitors.
A further reason syndicated market research is used is to enable market research companies to provide data to a client quicker as they have already done the necessary study. This allows for a quicker transaction saving time and money. Syndicated market research is usually bought when companies or individuals need data for a presentation or upcoming event, and don’t have the time or money to conduct their own custom market research. 
Syndicated market research is used primarily to gain an overview of a specific market and the different factors within it. A benefit of syndicated market research is that it can be bought by many different parties because of the wide array of data you get with each study. 

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