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TURF Market Research Analysis

TURF market research analysis is a technique of statistical analysis, which is used to project estimates of media and market potential of a product or service. In order to provide such estimates, TURF market research analysis identifies the number of users that are reached by communication efforts and how frequently they come across these communication methods.

Examples of the types of questions that can be answered by TURF market research analysis include: “Where should an advert be placed in order to get the largest audience possible?” or “What will our market share be if we introduce a new line to our model?” In uncovering such questions and lines of enquiry, TURF market research analysis informs of ways in which to fortify the methods and effectiveness of communications and to optimise product offers.

TURF market research analysis is most typically used in circumstances in which there is a high number of choice combinations but there are restrictions on how many of these combinations can be chosen (which, for example, could exist because of a lowly budget). In such cases, TURF market research analysis tests each and every possible combination and works out the reach of these and the frequency with which they are reached, thus informing business owners of which bundle or combination packages they can offer in order to maximise market share.

The much cited example of TURF market research analysis is that of the hypothetical ice cream seller. In this example, an ice cream merchant has six flavours of ice cream but only 3 slots in his cones. As such, he needs to find which combination of three ice cream flavours will result in the greatest number of sales. Through the use of TURF market research analysis, the ice cream seller can be informed of which combination will achieve this.

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