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Value Assessment Research

Value Assessment Research allows companies to assess the worth of a new product or service before it is introduced to the market. By conducting this type of research, companies can gauge whether or not there is a) a need for the product and b) a demand for the product. Long-term, Value Assessment Research can potentially save companies vast amounts of money and face by declaring whether or not a product or service is marketable, before it hits the shelves.

DJS Research Ltd has demonstrable experience in carrying out Value Assessment Research. For instance, a client of ours, who has produced a well-known brand of roofing underlay, developed a new product which they felt offered a number of benefits to builders, developers and roofing contractors.

We conducted qualitative research with architects, builders and opinion formers to understand how their roofing underlay is currently specified. We also showed examples of the new product to respondents and explained its benefits so that we could understand people’s reactions to it.

The role of the brand was an important area that needed to be understood. Our research also focused on understanding the role that brand name played in the decision making process, and whether or not it added value.

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