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Viewing Room

Within market research, a Viewing Room is a dedicated room in which researchers can sit and observe focus groups and depth interviews through a one way mirror. These Viewing Rooms are often found in Market Research agency offices, but also in specialist viewing facilities which regularly host focus groups.

This set up, with the one way mirror, allows for researchers and clients to observe the focus groups and depth interviews in a much more discreet manner than if they were sitting in the interview room with the participants. One of the key benefits of using a Viewing Room is that participants will feel more relaxed during the interview or focus group. It is generally considered that the more comfortable a person is with their environment during an interview, the better the responses they will give, and therefore this will lead to better research. For this reason, Viewing Rooms and interview rooms are designed in a way which promotes a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

Viewing rooms, like the interview rooms, should be equipped with all the appropriate and necessary appliances. For example, if the participants are being shown stimulus or information on a screen, the Viewing Room should also have a screen to allow the observers to know exactly what the moderator and participants are discussing and reacting to.

The Viewing Room should be fitted with high quality speakers so they can hear the responses with clarity in the adjacent room, which will have microphones set up. The room can also be equipped with a camera so that the interview or focus group can be recorded

Viewing Room facilities for market research are located across the country. It is important that participants are within easy reach of the facility to maximise recruitment. Therefore the researchers can organise focus groups in the location of the target audience.  

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