2205 miles covered for our Get up and Go Challenge 2021!

19th March 2021 12:36

The year got off to a positive start for DJS Research - with a new charity fundraiser! To bring in 2021 our employees were challenged once again to support our Get up and Go Challenge - with 24 staff signing up to take part, including some of our new starters.

The challenge was our latest initiative to raise funds for the Thomas Theyer Foundation - a local charity we have worked closely with over the last two years. The charity's mission is to support children and young people with additional needs or living in difficult life circumstances by giving them the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from outdoor activity breaks - so what could be better than a charity challenge in the great outdoors! 

Not only was our latest fundraiser a great way to raise money for TTF, it was also the perfect way to support staff wellbeing, encouraging us to all get up and out during January and stay positive in the midst of the third Covid-19 lockdown.

The DJS Get up and Go Challenge

Staff who signed up for the challenge set themselves a personal distance target and then set about clocking up the miles to reach that target throughout January. Unlike last year, however, for 2021 we upped the ante somewhat and challenged our DJS working teams to go head-to-head (a bit of healthy competition!) to see who could cover the greatest distance. 

By the end of the month, the intrepid challengers had covered a huge 2204.87 miles between them, raising a cool £240 (each person who entered donated £10 to TTF). Staff also had us admiring their impressive photography skills, sharing with us daily snapshots of their adventures, many of which we posted throughout January on Facebook and Instagram

Who was top of the teams in 2021?

We're thrilled to announce that *drumroll* our CATI department aced it, with Michelle and Richard covering a huge 314.5 miles between them - averaging an impressive 157.2 miles each! 

In second place was team Shining, covering 518.76 miles between four of them (130 miles each), and in third place was Data, covering 228.24 miles between two (averaging 114 miles each).

In terms of total miles covered, team Cloud came top, covering 549.89 miles between six of them. 

We just want to say a huge well done and thank-you to all who took part, including all the DJS kids and canines. Your medals are very much deserved! 

Get up and Go: the video!

We had so many stunning photos and great footage sent to us throughout, our creative team made a short video to share the adventure. Enjoy!


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