A towering success! DJS’ big day out to Blackpool

4th October 2019 14:52


Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Blackpool...

Roller coasters, fish and chips, 2p machines and the best of British weather; the last Friday in September marked our first company-wide outing to the great Lancashire seaside town famed for its Victorian Tower, donkey rides and sticks of peppermint rock.

It was also a day when rain fell from the sky in buckets, the wind whipped wildly along the promenade and the Pleasure Beach made a fortune in plastic poncho sales. 

Seventy-three employees from all departments, and from both our Stockport and Leeds offices, came together for our big Blackpool adventure; an opportunity to meet new people, chat to those we don't always have chance to, as well as get to know our teams a little bit better. Not to mention let our hair down and have some fun!

DJS Research company day to Blackpool
Whether we spent the day soaking up the thrills and spills of the Pleasure Beach, taking a trip up the Tower, or visiting Blackpool Sea Life Centre, we would all meet up towards the end of the day for drinks and a company selfie – before heading home.
“We wanted to do something for all our staff to bring all departments together and just have a really good time,” said Danny, MD of DJS Research. “A few activities were put forward as ideas, but Blackpool was the clear favourite. It was a really good day out and I think everyone enjoyed it. Despite the rain, I’d say it was a great success!”
No rain on our parade
Although the rain soaked us to the skin within two minutes of stepping off the coach, it also acted as a great ice-breaker as we took shelter in a hotel bar laughing/despairing over squelchy trainers and sodden jeans. Interviewers bonded with researchers around the hand dryer as they tried (quite successfully!) to evaporate water from their socks, while people from across all teams mingled in the bar over coffee, and perhaps something stronger...
With no sign of the skies clearing and the rides about to open, we braved the deluge once again – although this time armed with rain ponchos in every colour. A DJS rainbow to take on the elements – and on went the show.
DJS company day to Blackpool
DJS company day to Blackpool
After a day spent riding the coasters, waltzing around the Tower Ballroom and meeting the many residents of Blackpool’s much-loved aquarium, we regrouped at a bar along the promenade before the coach ride home. Judging by the cross-company chatter, the shared tales of the day and plans to continue the fun back in Manchester, it appears a great time was had by all. By late afternoon, even the sun came out. 


So, what did staff make of our first cross-company outing? 

Senior Data Executive, Kathryn said of the day: “While we didn’t go on a lot of rides due to the weather, the best part of the day for me was spending time with Gayle, Craig and Jo in Wetherspoons, playing card games (Cards Against Humanity).

"We had an absolute blast and were laughing so much we were in tears!”

Telephone interviewer, Carol, spent the day at the Tower and Sea Life and found the experience really positive – particularly for getting to know people from the wider company.

 “Everyone got on well together and we got to see people we haven't seen or spoken to for ages,” she said. “Staff had the chance to get to know people from other departments, as well as from Leeds and we could put faces to names. I think it was a very good initiative and should be something we do again.”

While Associate Director, Charlotte, discovered a little-known love of white-knuckle rides: “As a 40-something mum of two, I really didn’t think I was a rollercoaster person," she said.

"Our day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach changed my mind!! I had a great day and lots of laughs with lots of different people."

And there were plenty of calls to do something similar again. “I think the trip was a brilliant idea, not just for everyone to go out and enjoy themselves, but great for us all to come together as one,” said CATI Team Leader, Nathan.

“I know the interviewers loved it, as did I. Roll on Blackpool 2.0!”

Over to you, Danny… 

The day in pictures...
DJS company day to Blackpool
DJS company day to Blackpool

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