BBC and TES publish our GCSE grading research on behalf of Ofqual

17th January 2017 13:54

BBC and TES publish our GCSE grading research on behalf of Ofqual: We are pleased to announce that our research into the new GCSE grading system, conducted on behalf of Ofqual, has been covered by several major media outlets including TES and BBC News.BBC and TES publish our GCSE grading research on behalf of Ofqual

Conducted in November 2016, the education market research revealed that the majority of parents and pupils who took part in the survey did not properly understand the new grading system, which will be implemented across several subjects in summer 2017, when a mixture of letter and number grades will be awarded. The alphabetical grading system will be fully phased out by 2019.

The research findings have been reported on by education journalists from both the BBC and TES News. To read the full articles on their respective websites, please click the links below:

‘Confusion over numerical GCSE grades sparks publicity drive’ (BBC News):

‘Scale of confusion over new GCSE grades is revealed’ (TES News):

As part of the market research, we surveyed a range of audiences – including businesses, head teachers, universities, colleges, parents and pupils. The findings revealed that just 31 per cent of secondary school pupils and 30 per cent of parents were totally clear on how the numerical grading system will work.

Speaking about the results, Elliot Simmonds, Research Consultant, had the following to say:

“Whilst the new grading system will be a signal to employers, colleges and universities that students have taken the new format of GCSE, it’s important that the changes are well communicated to be effective. We’re very pleased that Ofqual have chosen DJS Research to help measure the impact of awareness raising activities for this important element of the education landscape.”

The numerical grading system was developed by Ofqual and will now award pupils grades from 9 to 1, as opposed to the former A* to G. The new descriptors were created to further distinguish pupils’ performance in subjects, especially amongst top tier students.

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