DIY DJS: We volunteered at Pearce Lodge

10th June 2016 11:49

This blog was written by Ben Stern, Research Executive

After the success of the first joint venture between DJS Research and our charity partner, the Together Trust, many of us here at DJS Research jumped at the opportunity to help out on another DIY extravaganza, although this time in the blistering June heat rather than September rain. Matt Coulling and I, the lucky ones, were tasked with revamping two rather dilapidated sheds into beach huts, as well as restoring the fence surrounding the property to its former glory in a new shade of ‘Forest Green’.DIY DJS: Our voluntary experience at the Together Trust

Pearce Lodge is a full-time residence for disabled youths in need of special care, and it was a pleasure to be introduced to the staff who do an incredible job caring for the five residents. One of the residents, Chelsea, was an arts and crafts enthusiast, and had several of her own pieces hung up around the residence. At this moment, Matt and I understood that helping to add some more colour and vibrancy to the surroundings could make a real difference.

Jennifer, Senior Fundraiser at the Together Trust, provided a third pair of hands to help with the renovation. As I started on the fence, Jen and Matt took on a shed each, which naturally evolved into a ‘most attractive shed’ competition. We made DIY DJS: Our voluntary experience at the Together Trustexcellent progress in the morning in the glorious sunshine, leading to an enjoyable lunch of sandwiches purchased from a local café.

Not all was rosy in the afternoon however, as there was news of impending rain that was currently covering Glossop in an almighty downpour. Fearing the worst, we tried to speed up our brushstrokes, which led to a series of blunders including: a half tub of paint being spilled across the pristine flagstones leading to a major clean-up operation, followed by well-spirited accusations of sabotage as someone ‘accidentally’ sprayed some forest green paint meant for the fence onto the newly coated blue door of the shed.

At around four o clock, the heavens opened, which eventually meant we had to halt the operation. We had managed to complete 95% of what we set out to achieve, with both sheds, two flower pots, a pergola, two gates, and 7 out of 9 fence panels all painted. We spent some much-needed downtime inside Pearce Lodge chatting to the residents and the carers, reflecting on a hard day’s work and a job well done. And that brought an end to the second instalment of the DJS-Together Trust volunteering scheme, an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. We look forward to returning to Pearce Lodge for the summer party, where we can view the spruced up garden in full swing.

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