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21st June 2012 09:29

Despite the harsh economic climate and having recently moved offices, DJS Research Ltd continues to offer aspiring researchers the opportunity to gain experience in a real-world environment.  Matt Kells, having completed his first year studying History at the University of Leeds, will be joining the consultancy for a period of two weeks in June. The nineteen year old, having been advised that the company could provide a perfect opportunity to gain an in-depth and varied experience of the market research industry, was invited to work at the agency following a competitive application procedure.  

“I am thoroughly looking forward to my time with DJS Research and keen to learn as much as I can about an industry that I am relatively unfamiliar with.  In the current climate, the graduate market is extremely competitive and whilst I still have two years of my degree left, I am looking to accumulate as much experience as possible to help make me stand out as an applicant in the future.  I believe that my time with DJS will be perfect for enhancing my future career-prospects.”

In addition, Abbie Allcock will also be joining DJS Research for a month long placement. Abbie, who has a degree in Human Resource Management and Marketing from Keele University, is looking forward to applying the theory she has learnt in a more practical way whilst with DJS:

“I really enjoyed, and did well in, the market research modules I studied at university and this gives me the opportunity to take that further and see if the industry is something I could look to continue in and make a career out of. This is especially good at DJS, because it’s a growing company and there are lots of opportunities to get involved, and to get to talk to research executives and directors about their experiences. Obviously, the rapid expansion over the last few years demonstrates that it’s a successful company and having experience here will be very beneficial – whatever I choose to do in the future!”

During their time with DJS, Matt and Abbie will be working closely with Laura Crowe, Research Executive, on a number of different research projects and should also spend some time with the data services team. Laura, who is responsible for all the agency’s work experience programmes, thinks DJS Research offers a positive and beneficial work experience environment:

“DJS is such a dynamic environment for young people to be thrown in to, and they’re given experience dealing with most areas of the business, so it certainly helps them to find out if they like one thing more than another. Also, the nature of the market research industry means our work experience students gain an insight in to a large number of sectors, and perhaps take an interest in something they hadn’t even thought of before. Of course, it’s fantastic if someone leaves DJS wanting to move in to market research, but when people are first starting to think about their future career it’s equally thrilling for their time at the company to have sparked an interest in the oil industry or the education sector. It’s about helping people make the right decisions for them.”

If you feel you would be a good addition to DJS Research, please visit our careers page to view any open opportunities. In addition, we are always looking for aspiring graduate researchers – if you are a recent graduate or are expecting to graduate with a minimum 2:1 degree in the near future feel free to get in touch.

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