DJS Research And VoicED Welcome Further Intern

30th September 2013 17:09

DJS Research is pleased to welcome Eimear Doyle, a student at the University of Manchester. Eimear is studying International Management and is currently undertaking her final year – she has also previously studied at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. In addition, Eimear has travelled extensively throughout Europe and several parts of South East Asia.

During her time at DJS Research, Eimear is assisting their work for the VoicED Community. VoicED is an education market research panel targeted toward gaining an insight into education professionals’ opinions. Her work includes content creation and collecting research into current education policies and opinions. This ensures the VoicED members are kept informed and aware of those areas directly affecting them.

“Working for DJS, specifically for the VoicED Community, has challenged my written communication skills and research capabilities. It also widened my knowledge of other sectors, such as education and the processes involved in carrying out market research in them.”

The internship will stretch across her first semester at university, therefore finishing mid-December. Eimear selected DJS Research out of several other intern opportunities as it is a growing firm, which has the capability to provide internal development and gives full insight into her interest in market research. The internship will not only provide her with experience which is advantageous at the end of university but also it will help her decide what career path she would like to choose.

Unsurprisingly given her passion for travel, Eimear’s ideal final placement would be in another country which she has not yet visited. Marketing and management consultancy remain the two sectors in which she hopes to gain a role when leaving university. However, if market research is the career path chosen she has already suggested that DJS Research would be considered as a potential workplace.

Elliot Simmonds, who manages the VoicED Panel and has a key role in the internship program at DJS, is pleased with Eimear’s early contributions:

“Eimear has been great. She was very proactive in her application and that has continued whilst she’s been with us. Given that she’s working around her studies at the same time, she has already produced a good amount of content for us. I’m looking forward to introducing her to some more research orientated tasks in the next couple of weeks.”

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