DJS Research Announce Promotions of McCluckie and Easdown Amid Internal Re-Structuring

8th April 2014 13:00

DJS Research Ltd is pleased to announce the promotions of Alex McCluckie and Christian Easdown to Research Manager and Senior Research Executive respectively. The promotions come amidst an internal re-structuring as the company continues to recruit across all departments - including research, operations and marketing and communications.Alex McCluckie - DJS Research Ltd

Speaking about the promotions and the wider decision to alter the way in which the company operates, Danny Sims, Managing Director, had the following to say:

“Both Alex and Christian have shown their value to us as a company during their time here. Both have progressed to their current roles at a very commendable pace, and are now ready to take on more responsibility as part our new structure. This isn’t just a change on the research side – we’re also making serious investments in to operations and our support staff as well; 2013-14 was a fantastic year for us and we plan to continue our upward trend in to the next year.”

Alex McCluckie started his career at DJS Research Ltd following completion of a Master’s Degree and was a member of the first cohort of the agency’s graduate scheme. He is an active and thoughtful researcher, having had articles published on several industry sites including Market Research World and Research Live. Alex works across a number of sectors including education, healthcare, retail and culture and heritage. He works on key DJS accounts including the East of England Cooperative Society, Mölnlycke Healthcare and the British Library.Christian Easdown - DJS Research Ltd

Christian Easdown joined DJS Research in the third quarter of 2013 having previously worked with B2B and B2C clients for a London-based management consulting and research firm. He particularly specialised in the healthcare and tourism sectors, before taking on more of a utilities focus on arriving at DJS Research.

DJS Research Ltd is due to release details of record turnover and growth in mid-to-late April.

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