DJS Research Graduate Recruitment Scheme: A Year On

14th June 2012 14:06

Almost a year ago to the day, DJS Research Ltd unveiled its Graduate Recruitment Scheme in an effort to forge a company based on exceptional and motivated staff, whilst giving young and talented researchers an opportunity to make their name in the research industry.

The most recent beneficiaries of the scheme, Annie Young (Trainee Research Executive), Bethan Turner (Trainee Research Executive) and Elliot Simmonds (Marketing Executive) all started full-time at DJS in the last six months – although Elliot, who has been working at DJS since 2007, when the company was still headquartered in Rainow, has seen the agency develop over a longer period of time. DJS recently moved in to a second set of new offices and the company’s turnover has increased 300% in the last three years. For the newer members of the team, these facts were key in their decision to join DJS:

“It’s exciting to be part of a small but growing company, and not part of a monolithic structure where you don’t get the experience and access to expertise you do here. On top of that, you get first-hand involvement very early on in your career at DJS – it’s a great feeling to be trusted with involvement in projects for some pretty big clients!” – Annie Young, Trainee Research Executive.

Kate Slater, who sat on the interviewing panel when selecting potential graduates for DJS, felt the scheme has something to offer both the company and the individual researchers:

“The Graduate Recruitment Scheme has definitely been a good thing for the company, and also for the graduates themselves I think. It’s clear to us that the researchers DJS have taken on are top class – we wouldn’t have it any other way. What that means is that we can start using them in research projects right away; it’s a steep learning curve but one that means people can really excel early on instead of being limited to training exercises and observation like they would in some bigger research companies.”

Alex McCluckie, who joined DJS in January 2011 – just prior to the official launch of the Graduate Scheme – has progressed well during his first eighteen months at the company:

“It’s been a great experience. Not only with the amount of knowledge I’ve gained in terms of different sectors and methodologies, but DJS have also put a lot of time and resources in to helping me and a few other researchers gain professional qualifications – so we have the experience on paper as well. When I first joined, I really liked the atmosphere in the office, and that’s something that has only improved with the move to the new premises I think: we may be growing as an agency, but we’ve certainly managed to keep that ‘family-owned’ feel where everyone cares about everyone else.”

Danny Sims, founder and Managing Director of DJS Research Ltd, is proud of the company’s commitment to helping top-quality graduates in to the market research industry:

“Graduate jobs are certainly something that we at DJS are very proud to offer, and I think we’re certainly a company that graduates see a very real, very tangible benefit from choosing to join. As I said a year ago, the point of the scheme is to give talented individuals the opportunity to really show what they can do, and we reward them with the opportunities to do so, and a strong commitment to CPD and internal advancement.  What’s really great to see though, is the way that those graduates who have been here for a little bit of time really try to help and encourage the newer ones in the same way the directors and senior executives do – it means that experience flows to our trainees from all levels within the business. In addition, we have recently done some internal research to see how we could improve our graduate offer, and we’ll be implementing this over the next few weeks and months.”

If you feel you would be a good addition to DJS Research, please visit our careers page to view any open opportunities. In addition, we are always looking for aspiring graduate researchers – if you are a recent graduate or are expecting to graduate with a minimum 2:1 degree in the near future feel free to get in touch.

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