DJS Research Helps Show That The NHS Can Save Over 150 Million Pounds Per Year

20th December 2011 11:53

For the last 5 years we have created and developed a national piece of research that has highlighted the importance of an Education Programme called Give & Let Live.

Our client, The Jeanette Crizzle Trust ( who initiated the Give & Let Live Education Programme with the previous Government, met with Anne Milton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health in her office at the Department of Health, on Thursday 15th December 2011.

The research has found that Give and Let Live is an excellent resource but awareness and usage levels remain low amongst schools. The purpose of the meeting is to understand, in these austere times, the barriers the Government are facing to prevent the programme working.

The Jeanette Crizzle Trust has said that The Education Programme is something that can help save money but also save human lives every day...

-      The NHS can save £152 million per year


- Reduce the 7000 patients waiting for a transplant, the majority of which are on dialysis costing £193 million.

- If all of these patients receive a transplant, the approximate cost would be £41 million per year

- Lack of action results in 3 people dying by the end of each day

The Solution...?

-      Educate, Educate, Educate -

The Jeanette Crizzle Trust hopes that the meeting with Anne Milton MP will help to push the programme further and ultimately move Give and Let Live from a voluntary to a compulsory part of the curriculum. The charity requires 100,000 signatures for this subject to be debated in the House of Commons. If you agree with the charity's objectives, an e-petition is available here. The Jeanette Crizzle Trust also requests that you please forward this message to colleagues, friends and acquaintances to help reach 100,000 signatures.

We at DJS Research will again be interviewing teachers during 2012 to monitor levels of awareness and usage of the Give & Let Live resource. Like previous years, the results will be submitted to Government to help gauge the effectiveness of the programme.      

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