DJS Research Launches Localise: Population Profiling and Segmentation Tool

4th February 2014 15:05

DJS Research Ltd, a full service market research agency based in the UK, has launched a new consumer profiling and segmentation tool: Localise. The agency, which works across both the public and private sector in the UK and internationally, describes the tool as a local- and regional-level population profiling and segmentation tool with applications across the public and private sector. Further details on the Localise tool can be found at

The new tool differentiates itself from other well-known profiling tools through the utilisation of localised census data to create detailed, locally robust, segmentation profiles for populations. In short, existing products create segments based on national data – whilst Localise produces segments bespoke to the region in question.

In addition, Localise can be integrated with any form of data which contains a post-code, including CRM, spending, crime, healthcare and survey data. These results are then mapped geographically and precise distinctions can be made between individual streets.

In the private sector, applications for the product include targeted marketing campaigns, and detailed local consumer demographics for retailers looking to construct new outlets or develop existing provision, for instance.

It is thought that Localise will be of immediate public sector value to local authorities seeking to rationalise their capital and assets management and cut expenditure on resources which are not currently serving the correct people in the best ways. A key backer of this initiative is the Property division of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, with whom Localise have formed a partnership.

David Brindley, who will lead the Localise initiative within CIPFA Property, championed the tool as a source of robust data which is vital to good asset management:

“CIPFA Property has been associated with promoting good asset management for over 13 years and our advisors are acknowledged experts in this area. The use of good data is vital in the decision making process and CIPFA Property is pleased to be working in partnership with Localise to enable Authorities to map their assets alongside customer profiling to give a real picture of where services need to be provided.

“This will ensure a more robust decision process can be put in place in respect of Asset Rationalisation.”

Speaking about the partnership with CIPFA, Alasdair Gleed – the Research Director who will be heading up the project at DJS Research Ltd – had the following to say:

“That an organisation such as CIPFA understands the value of Localise is a huge vindication of the time and resources we have put in to the technique. For a long time, we have worked with numerous clients who appreciate the value that profiling can have but are frustrated by the limitations of tools which currently exist to do this. Localise solves these problems and should lead to a far more accurate, and thus more useable, set of profiling data for local areas.”

For more information on Localise please email or call +44 (0) 1663 767 857.

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