DJS Research Ltd Celebrates Relocating to New Premises

6th August 2012 15:38

On Friday 3rd August, the position of DJS Research Ltd as a leading northern market research agency was recognised at the official opening of the company’s new offices in Strines, Stockport. The market research company, which began as a one-man enterprise in a shed, moved in to the new premises for the third time in a decade at the end of April. This move represented a key milestone in a period of rapid expansion over the previous three years in terms of turnover – 300 percent growth – and staff, which now stands at more than thirty permanently employed individuals. Among the 80 attendees were Edwina Currie and the Mayor of Stockport – both of whom participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony – and many of the company’s clients which include industry leading organisations such as DuPont, The Open University, United Utilities, St Gobain, ASICS, Savills, and Cunningham Lindsey.

One of the few points of formality in a day which was always intended to have a laid back, celebratory atmosphere, were the speeches. Danny Sims (Managing Director) and his wife Ali (Research Director) thanked the entire DJS team for all their hard work over the previous few years which had made moving to bigger offices a necessity. Justin Gutmann, Head of Research and Insight at Consumer Focus and a long-time friend of Danny’s, praised the way in which Danny and DJS as a whole had taken on new challenges and succeeded throughout his career, and hoped that ‘long may it continue’. The guests of honour were equally complimentary, with Edwina Currie noting DJS’ ‘focus on their customers at all stages’ in an industry which ‘the British have done extremely well for a very long time’ whilst Councillor Wendy Meikle, the Mayor of Stockport, noted that ‘three hundred percent growth in three years is absolutely unbelievable – I don’t think you’ll be here long as you’ll need another new office!’

Finally, Adam Crizzle, a trustee of the Jeanette Crizzle Trust and a long-time client and friend of the company, summed up the overall feeling of the day, describing DJS as an ‘amazing success’ with the ‘knowledge, the skill, the attitude, the desire to take the business to a £5 million business in the not too distant future.’


The ribbon cutting ceremony ended with the release of 500 environmentally friendly helium balloons, one for every pound the company will donate to two separate charities as a way of reaffirming its commitment to ethical business in the new premises. The balloons were released by Elysha King, an apprentice at the company, demonstrating the centrality of taking on the best young members of staff to the agency’s ethos. Food, in the form of a barbeque, and drinks were served in a pavilion located only 100 yards from the office and entertainment was provided by a local band – Advent. Both the band and setting were well received by guests, and outline DJS Research’s commitment to helping the local economy and encouraging local projects and individuals where possible. Even the cake, cut by Danny and Ali Sims in the mid-afternoon, was locally made and adorned with DJS logo – which is becoming increasingly well-known in the UK and internationally as the company seeks to establish itself as a leading agency in the region.


 Danny and Ali Sims Cut the Cake 

Elliot Simmonds, who took the lead in organising the event, felt it gave a good demonstration of what DJS was about as a company:

"It was a great event, everything went pretty much as it should have and I think the offices looked wonderful. I'd really like to thank every one of our guests, who made the day what it was and really embraced the relaxed, celebratory atmosphere which we were trying to go for. In addition, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who spoke about DJS in such complimentary terms, it's a fantastic feeling to know you work for an organisation that is so respected for its integrity and attitude by people both within the industry and beyond it. Finally, I can't thank the staff at DJS enough for all the help they put in to the day - particularly Maria Royse. It epitomises the company as far as I'm concerned. We're a very suportive group, always sharing experience and insight - and I think that comes out in the work that we do."

For further details please contact Elliot here.

Photography: Emily Hall

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