DJS Research Ltd Completes 2000 Telephone Interviews For The Consumer Council For Water

27th April 2011 17:22

In 2006 CCWater undertook an initial survey of consumer views on water and sewerage services. From 2007-2009 FDS International continued this survey and in 2010 DJS Research was commissioned to undertake the project, building on previous results and tracking changes in the views of water and sewerage customers over time.

An on-going understanding of consumers’ views enables CCWater to continue to provide a strong voice for water consumers in England and Wales. Some of the headline findings include:

  • Consumers are very satisfied overall with their water supply (94%).
  • There are also high levels of satisfaction with sewage services (91%).
  • Three quarters (76%) say that they have taken specific actions to reduce their use of water over the past year, respresenting an increase of 6% on the previous year.

There has also been an increase in the number of customers who are clear about what can be disposed of down the toilet sink or drain (up 9% to 80% this year).

CCWater will use the findings of this research to:

  • Maintain a full understanding of customers’ views about all aspects of water and sewerage services.
  • Highlight where they need to work with the water industry on areas of service where there is potential for improvement in customer perceptions or customer knowledge.
  • Help identify where their activities with the water industry have made a difference to customers’ perceptions.
  • Help CCWater make sure its communications are right.

The full report of the findings can be found on their website here: Market Research Findings (This research has been removed from the CCWater website, and this link has been re-directed to a more recent DJS Research report).

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