DJS Research Ltd Completes Research Project To An Impossible Timetable

9th June 2011 13:17

DJS Research Ltd has recently completed a research project for Consumer Focus, the statutory consumer champion for England, Wales, Scotland and (for postal consumers) Northern Ireland. Consumer Focus operate across the whole of the economy, persuading businesses, public services and policy makers to put consumers at the heart of what they do.

During a period in March, DJS Research carried out over 1,000 face to face interviews with consumers; a further four focus groups were then completed to gain both quantitative and qualitative feedback. Finally, the combined findings were compiled into a detailed report and presented to Consumer Focus.

Justin Gutmann, the Principal Researcher at Consumer Focus, had the following to say about DJS Research’s implementation of the project:

“I was very satisfied with DJS Research. They provided an innovative proposal with a good price, and worked really hard to deliver to an impossible timetable. They provided insight over and above what was asked for.

DJS Research are a pleasure to work with.They provide Knowledgeable, flexible, excellent value for money. We'll be adding them to our roster and now know that they compare well with the bigger agencies. We are very likely to consider DJS Research again in the future.”

Danny Sims, Managing Director of DJS Research Ltd, considered the project a clear demonstration of what DJS can offer its clients, stating:

“Although the challenging economic climate in the UK continues, we at DJS are continuing to grow. I believe this is due to our ability as a company to turn around high-quality research projects in quick time and at competitive prices. It is no coincidence that over 9 out of 10 of our clients tell us they are very satisfied with the research we deliver.”

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