DJS Research Ltd Offers Work Experience To Local High Schools

17th June 2011 11:40

For a second straight year, DJS Research Ltd – a leading Market Research Agency, based in the High Peak town of Whaley Bridge – has opened its offices to youngsters from local schools. The two pupils will experience all aspects of the market research process; including the creation of their own presentation, which will be delivered to staff following the conclusion of their placement.

Laura Crowe, the researcher heading-up the work experience initiative, is keen to promote the positive aspects of market research as a career:

“I think it’s a great opportunity for the two of them. Market research is such a varied and fast-moving industry – one day you could be doing depth interviews with the CEO of a major multi-national, and then the following morning might see you asking painters and decorators their opinion on different types of paint.

In terms of what DJS has to offer our work experience candidates, we’re an innovative and growing company with a lot of young staff members. As well as gaining some knowledge about a wide variety of technical processes and industry sectors, these students will see that – with commitment and effort – success is very achievable at a young age.”

The students, who currently attend New Mills School and Lady Manners Schools respectively, will begin their time at DJS Research on July 4th 2011.

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