DJS Research Ltd Recruits Interns With International Experience

29th May 2013 11:38

DJS Research Ltd, a leading market research agency based in the North of England, continues to offer internship programs with a view to creating an increased number of full time roles within the company’s research department and to promoting market research as a career to university students and recent graduates.

The northern agency is pleased to welcome Casie Peet, who is currently a student at the University of Kansas in the USA. Casie, who is majoring in psychology with a minor in business, has previously studied at the University of Malaga in Spain and has visited several European countries, although this is her first visit to the UK. She selected DJS Research out of more than 80 potential internship positions and will be working in a research role until the beginning of April.

DJS Research would also like to welcome Suzanne Fisher, again for a period of two months. Suzanne, who is lives locally, also studied psychology, achieving a 2:1 degree from the University of Sheffield. Suzanne has worked in several retail settings, and also has experience in the operations side of the market research industry. In addition, she has also worked in Portugal as part of the Leonardo da Vinci Program.

Elliot Simmonds, who oversees the internship and graduate programs at DJS Research along with Laura Crowe, felt the continuation of the scheme was a show of the agency’s commitment to future growth and to raising the profile of the market research industry at large:

“Both Casie and Suzanne have great potential from looking at what they’ve achieved so far in their careers, and it’s great to see these kinds of people looking in to market research proactively when they’re only just coming to the end of their studies. From our point of view at DJS, as our offer continues to become an increasingly global one, it’s fantastic to have people who have lived and worked in other parts of the world and have an insight in to other cultures.”

DJS Research Ltd offer numerous internships annually, the vast majority of which of are in a research position. If you would be interested in an internship opportunity, you can apply online at DJS Research’s Market Research Careers page.

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