DJS Research Ltd Selected For GrowthAccelerator Scheme

27th November 2012 15:05

GrowthAccelerator is a new and unique partnership between a number of the UK’s leading business growth experts and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The scheme, which helps rapidly growing companies to access finance, further develop the business, develop leadership skills and develop innovative services for clients, aims to help SMEs continue to achieve high levels of growth. The programme aims to double the size of a business in three years, something which DJS Research Ltd has been achieving – the Cheshire agency has grown 300% over the last three years.

As the programme states, it is specifically for high growth: companies exhibiting and pursuing fast, sustained, ambitious and achievable growth. DJS Research Ltd will be on the programme for between 6 months and a year. Danny Sims, Managing Director of the market research agency, felt the programme was a further step in the right direction:

The GrowthAccelerator programme is a great opportunity for us to continue what has been three to five years of very rapid growth. We’ve just moved in to a new office, our turnover has topped £2 million from £450k a few years ago, and our staff levels are increasing quickly at a time when a lot of businesses are really suffering. We have been selected for schemes like this in the past, and the impact on our company was fantastic – it can only help to have experienced professionals giving you tips and advice. That said, I think the drive, ambition and knowledge has to be there in the first place for these professionals to build on, and so being selected for something like this is a credit to all our staff – to their professionalism and to their desire to provide top quality market research and business insights to every client.”

DJS Research Ltd is a full service market research company based in Cheshire, UK. The agency is led by a team of five research directors, each of whom has over 15 years’ experience in the market research sector. The company works with public, private and third sector clients in the UK and abroad, and has experience of research across the full range of industry sectors. For further information, feel free to visit DJS Research’s corporate website, to call them on +44 (0) 1663 767 857 or to get in touch via email.

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