DJS Research Ltd Selected For High Growth Programme

10th August 2010 16:02

We have recently been selected for a place on the 2010 East Midlands Coaching for High Growth programme.

Coaching for High Growth is an intensive package of support funded by East Midlands Development Agency (emda) to help ambitious and forward thinking businesses to unlock and sustain their high growth potential.

Demand for places on the programme was extremely high with the East Midlands Development Agency receiving over 100 applications from businesses in the region. Each business was assessed for potential growth (to achieve sales growth of 20% or above per annum for a three year period) and the extent to which the programme could help businesses realise this potential.

DJS Research Ltd was one of 50 companies selected that will now receive a package of support for the next 12 months. This will include 20 days of one-to-one coaching with a highly experienced coach and a series of masterclasses on a range of topics relevant to high growth businesses. The programme is designed to help DJS Research overcome barriers to growth and capitalise on existing strengths.     

Simon Hall, Programme Manager for Coaching for High Growth said “We have had a fantastic response and we are really looking forward to working with these ambitious and progressive businesses to help them realize their growth aspirations”.

Danny Sims, Managing Director of DJS Research said:
“We were delighted to hear that DJS Research Ltd was selected as one of the regions ambitious and potential high growth companies. We are aiming to build one of the strongest research teams outside of the London area and our selection on the High Programme, not only proves that we have the potential to succeed, but also importantly it will help us to achieve our strategic growth objective”.

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