DJS Research Ltd Unveils Graduate Recruitment Scheme

14th June 2011 14:19

In a demonstration of the agency's on-going commitment to forge a company based on exceptional staff at all levels, the DJS Research Graduate Recruitment Scheme was recently unveiled by Managing Director, Danny Sims:

“The idea of the scheme is to bring in really exceptional, young, talented individuals with a great enthusiasm for research and a willingness to involve themselves across all aspects of the research process. In other, larger agencies, the talents these individuals display may be stifled in a junior role – but at DJS we give them the opportunity to really show what they can do from the outset.”

Moreover, this approach not only benefits graduates, as Research Director, James Hinde, explains:

“I love the energy Laura and Alex have brought to the office. They’re always looking for a new challenge which allows us as Directors to be really innovative in the methodologies we can choose to pursue - we have a lot of faith in them and they’ve responded to that faith with excellent results!”

On speaking to the two graduates, the success of the Recruitment Scheme is hard to deny. Laura Crowe, who graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA (Hons) in Sociology before working as a researcher for Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, said of her first two months at DJS Research:

“I’m really enjoying it. I feel I’ve gained a lot from being involved in major projects within my first couple of weeks and so far they have all gone really well. It’s great to be involved in such a fast-growing and innovative company with so much success going on around you!”

Alex McCluckie spent two months undertaking work experience with DJS following the completion of his MA in Social Research Methods – he graduated BA (Hons) First Class from Durham University in 2009. Noticing Alex’s talents during his two month tenure, the leadership at DJS offered him a place on the company’s graduate scheme:

“I really felt DJS was a company that had a lot to offer me as a graduate researcher and so I jumped at the chance to begin work here full-time. It’s great to be working with such experienced Directors and support staff, and I really like the company’s commitment to internal advancement – Sarah, Maya and Kate are prime examples*. DJS has grown a lot even in the time I’ve been here, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the future holds!”

Details on applying to the DJS Research Graduate Recruitment Scheme can be viewed here. For more information on DJS Research Ltd, please visit or call the company on 01663 732721.



*Sarah Smith and Maya Winter both received promotions to Research Manager in May 2011. Kate Slater became an Associate Director in January 2011.

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