DJS Research Ltd Welcome International Intern

9th August 2011 10:08

In a continued demonstration of the company’s commitment to providing opportunities to young researchers, DJS Research Ltd have recently agreed to provide Sven Burscher with an extensive internship, prior to his taking up a period of study at a The University of Derby.

Sven, who had heard of DJS Research – despite living in Wuppertal (near Dusseldorf), Germany – and applied to the company directly, will spend six weeks in at the agency’s offices and will gain experience in all aspects of the research process.

Danny Sims, Managing Director of DJS Research, felt Sven’s arrival highlighted the agency’s expanding geographical recognition:

“I think the fact that Sven applied to DJS from Germany shows that we’re becoming a company that has a name on the international stage. We’ve carried out a lot of international research in the last twelve months, and have covered over twenty countries in the process. On the flip side, we will benefit from having Sven in the office – he may have a slightly different approach to certain tasks and some ideas that are dissimilar to ours. Moreover, it’s great for our staff, both as researchers and as people, to get to spend time with people from a different cultural background.”

Sven is the fourth person to be offered a temporary role by the market research agency in quick succession. If you or your institution would like to discuss a work experience  placement or internship with DJS Research Ltd, please contact Laura Crowe via her company email address: lcrowe@djsresearch.comor call the agency on +44 (0) 1663 732 721.


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