DJS Research Ltd announces re-brand after thirteen years

24th October 2014 13:13

As part of an on-going commitment to developing as a research agency, DJS Research Ltd has unveiled a new look brand which better reflects the agency’s achievements in recent years, and is more representative of future goals. The updated branding better portrays the agency’s goal of providing clear, actionable insights, delivered by sector experts.

The new brand includes a re-designed website, updated collateral, and research is now communicated through more contemporary and insight-led deliverables. 

DJS Research, which started life in a shed in 2001 (watch our video) and has grown every year since incorporation, has had the same visual identity for the last thirteen years – despite seeing the company increase from having two permanent employees to more than fifty.

Danny Sims, Managing Director, felt the change of image has been a long time coming:

“For a few years now we’ve been moving towards being a much larger player in the industry than we once were, and we wondered whether our client-focussed values, and the level of insight we can provide, was best portrayed by the branding we had. I think coming out of the Crown Commercial Service framework with the highest overall score was a real nod to us that we now compete with the biggest agencies, and that our flexibility and sector expertise – which we’ve championed as our key offerings for many years – are what clients are really looking for. We were the only agency outside of London to get on every single lot, for instance. Our new image now reflects the reality of what we are today, and where we want to go moving forwards.

“It’s about being approachable, sector focussed and delivering insight in a client-focused and actionable way.”

DJS Research’s re-brand comes on the heels of several major clients wins, including the Home Office, NS&I and the Department for Work and Pensions, as well as a number of private sector retail and consumer finance brands.  In addition, the agency had the highest overall combined score on the recent Crown Commercial Services Framework – and was named as one of only six agencies to be appointed to every single lot. Around five hundred companies took part in the procurement exercise. In financial terms, the agency has seen double-digit growth for each of the last 8 years in percentage terms, and posted growth figures of more than a third in the last financial year, on a turnover of around £3 million.

The agency has made heavy investments internally, including an in-house 60-station telephone unit, specialist recruitment and fieldwork teams and dedicated data processing and analysis teams.

Elliot Simmonds, who leads marketing at the agency and was one of a number of individuals who made up an internal re-branding team, feels that these resources are a key element in why the new brand image is as much about the future as the past and present:

“Overwhelmingly, our clients value our researchers’ in-depth knowledge of their sectors,” he said.

“What our new identity portrays is that DJS Research is a current, high-quality and approachable agency. We’re equally comfortable working for B2B and consumer clients across the public and private sectors, and our medium size allows us to be flexible, and react to client needs, whilst also having the capacity to deliver across the globe. In essence, what we’re saying is we’re still small enough to listen to our clients’ needs, and always will be, but we’re big enough to answer – to answer the tough briefs and the challenging questions, and to answer in the UK and internationally.”

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