DJS Research Shortlisted for the Guardian's Small Business Showcase

23rd September 2013 15:19

DJS Research is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted in the Guardian’s Small Business Showcase. The competition, which was tailored around marketing and PR excellence, required a carefully sculpted submission.

After considering the different marketing campaigns that DJS has run over the past twelve months, it stood to reason that the French campaign which based all marketing activity around the motif ‘let’s meet for tea and biscuits’ was one which demonstrated our unique selling point, and was a good demonstration of our wider abilities. The slogan is representative of what we are looking to achieve – we’re a company that is based on relationships, and the offer we were trying to promote was very much one based on our expertise in the British market.

In addition to a strong motif, our International Business Development representative - who is French - was equipped with specially tailored leave behinds such as electronic business cards and artesian tea and biscuits. The marketing campaign was very effective, and we have gained relationships with a number of new clients, several of which we have already started working with.

The prestigious competition, which has strict entry requirements, has displayed DJS’ application along with selected others. For a full look at our category entry visit:

Richard Tavini, Market Assistant at DJS Research said:

“Entering the Guardian’s Small Business Showcase was always going to be tough – with strong competition from a variety of sectors, a submission limit of two-hundred and fifty words and a category specific entry criteria [marketing and PR excellence]. However, we understood that our best chance of success was to provide a unique submission, utilising a key point of differentiation.”

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