DJS Staff Member Climbs Kilimanjaro For Charity Partner, CLIC Sargent

14th January 2014 15:42

Elliot Simmonds, a Senior Marketing Executive at DJS Research Ltd, is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in less than a month to raise money for CLIC Sargent, the charity for children and young people with cancer and DJS Research’s charity partner.

The ascent up the world’s highest free-standing mountain, located in Tanzania, will take Elliot through five different climate zones and has been described as being like travelling from ‘the equator to Antarctica in a matter of days.’ The temperature at the summit could be as low as minus 26 degrees Celsius.

Elliot has paid for the cost of the trip himself, with DJS providing a small amount of financial assistance and also allowing him time within the working day to train for the ascent. The fact that the trip has been paid for in full means that all donations made will go directly to the charityno proportion of any donations will be put towards the cost of travel, the climb itself or any equipment. Speaking about the climb, Elliot had the following to say:

‘Obviously cancer is something which is increasingly prevalent within our society and the impact that the illness has on young people’s lives is multiplied – both for themselves and for their families and friends. Climbing Kilimanjaro is something I’ve had my eyes on for a few years now, and I’m glad I chose to self-fund – it means that every donation I receive is really worthwhile and will help towards supporting children with cancer.’

Elliot’s support for CLIC Sargent comes as a result of several family members suffering from cancer, and the DJS Research team also includes several staff who have children and young relatives who have been touched by the disease, including Research Director, James Hinde:

"CLIC Sargent supported me, my wife and our wider family when my daughter was suffering from cancer. The support they provide is invaluable and helps you feel less remote from others, as well as assisting with the practicalities of the situation.

"I'm hugely pleased that Elliot has opted to raise money for them, and he has my whole-hearted support, as well as that of everyone at DJS Research."

The agency entered its second year as a CLIC Sargent charity partner in January 2014.

To support Elliot on this fundraising mission visit Elliot's Virgin Money Giving page.

To find out how you or your company can CLIC Sargent, please contact Fundraising Manager, Vicki Moore on 0113 2883 224 or email:

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