Healthwatch publishes our research looking at young people's experiences of mental healthcare

19th May 2020 13:49

Healthwatch has published the research we undertook for the organisation last year, looking at young people's experiences of mental healthcare and what can be done to improve it. 
The statutory body, which exists to understand the needs, experiences and concerns of people who use health and social care services, has heard from more than 20,000 young people over the last three years. Our research sought to gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing young people, and their experiences accessing and using mental healthcare services, which are outlined in our video published on the Healthwatch website.
The Research
The research saw us speak to 47 young people aged 16-25 about what affects their mental health, their experiences of mental healthcare, as well as asking them how they would like to see extra funding used to support them.
The findings helped shape Healthwatch's 'Three Steps to improve mental health support for young people'.
From the research, it was concluded that better education and communication, more options and personalised care, as well as peer support are needed in order to better support young people across local communities, and improve their experiences of mental healthcare. 
What young people want:
The young people we spoke to for Healthwatch said they'd like to see ongoing support for their emotional wellbeing and longer follow-up treatments, as well as realistic portrayals of mental health in the media, which they hoped would in turn reduce stigma. They also told us they would like mental health to form part of the formal school curriculum, and have access to free mental health check ups for young people every six months.  
Take a look at the video and read the report here

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