Igniting insights for Inenco

19th September 2017 12:05

Igniting insights for Inenco

DJS Research has recently completed a project on behalf of Inenco, a market leading utilities broker and consultancy firm.

Conducted in conjunction with The Marketing Pod and Ricardo, our brief was to speak to energy managers about how their role has changed and evolved over the past 10 years, and how they see the future energy manager operating.

The findings show that energy managers expect their future job role to require high level IT skills to understand and manage real time data relating to energy, water, waste and transport activities.

To generate the findings DJS Research conducted eight depth interviews over the phone with energy managers in different sectors, followed up with a further 88 semi-structured telephone interviews.

The semi-structured interview technique enabled us to generate valuable in-depth insight from the energy managers, whilst also obtaining measurable quantitative data that we used to shape the story of how energy managers expect their working lives to change in the coming years.

The results of our research were combined with work carried out by The Marketing Pod and Ricardo and was presented at an exclusive launch event at the Mayor of London’s Office on 13th September.

To find out more and to download a free copy of the report, please visit https://www.inenco.com/future/.

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