Inspiring young people through market research

17th August 2017 15:49

inspiring young people through market research

DJS Research continues to grow significantly year in and year out, and with the team continuing to expand, we are always mindful of the amount of new talent required in order to sustain our on-going ambitions for year on year growth.

As part of our role in developing the future of market research talent, we believe it is important to encourage young people to explore the profession, and recently provided two students with the opportunity to learn more about the market research industry by spending some time working with members of our executive team. This follows on the heels of our graduate recruitment scheme. Speaking about both, Elliot Simmonds, who leads the Graduate Scheme, said:

“Whilst ensuring we recruit and retain top quality graduate talent is vital to DJS Research, we also recognise the importance of inspiring an interest in research – and business more generally – as early as possible. Having Tom and Sam in the office was a real pleasure, and I hope they will benefit from the experience in the future – and perhaps come back to research in a few years!”

Both with an interest in economics, Tom and Sam were introduced to our teams and went on to spend some time with senior members of our research, marketing, finance and operations departments.

During their time, they were given an overview of the infrastructure of our departments and learnt about the different types of roles within DJS Research, and how each role works with others to deliver full service market research projects from end to end. Whilst both spent some time with our Managing Director, Danny Sims, Tom – currently studying at high school - spent more time working with our marketing team, developing a number of campaigns and assisting with content development. 

Sam – who is currently studying at Aquinas College in Stockport – took a wider view of the company, spending longer periods of time in each of the different departments and understanding how a research agency works on a holistic level.

Both students have provided the following comments:

         Inspiring young people through market research

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