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8th November 2012 16:45


Market Research World is our sister site, offering users free insights and articles related to a variety of aspects of market research. The Market Research World site generates a lot of traffic, with over 3,000 people worldwide visiting the site daily. A broad range of articles and insights into different market research sectors are available. 
The site now has a presence on LinkedIn:
This group offers people from around the globe the chance to freely discuss recent market research findings, insights, developments and employment opportunities between industry professionals, students and those interested in the research industry and finding employment in it.
The most recent topics for discussions are ‘The importance of innovation in the market research industry’ and ‘the possibility of negative effects of DIY market research on market research agencies’. 
Here is the link for the group: Market Research World LinkedIn Group
If you are interested in discussing relevant issues with professionals and leaders from within the market research industry, feel free to join now and get involved!

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