Market Research Blog: Internship Diary Part One

13th November 2013 16:36

What it's like doing an internship with DJS Research?

Elliot Simmonds & Alex McCluckie:

As is clear if you look back across the entirety of DJS’ news articles over the past year or so, we are a company which values the chance to offer internships to individuals interested in the market research industry. As a new idea, we’ve decided to ask our newest intern, Beth Addicott, to write a regular update on how she’s finding her time at our agency, and how she’s dealing with the move North generally. Beth’s from the Cornwall / Devon border, and more used to warm winters and sweet cider than damp drizzle and hot-pot, but we’re pretty sure she’ll get used to it all in time!

So, without further ado, over to Beth herself…


Last Thursday I made the five hour trek to Manchester, squashed against my mass of luggage and Cornish comforts in the back seat. Although the journey was long enough in itself, it seemed to be a lot longer due to my nerves. I’ve never been to Manchester before, and in the space of a couple of weeks I was suddenly moving from a rural village where I felt comfortable to one of the country's busiest cities – and one which was entirely new – with no chance of seeing a familiar face until Christmas!

The first weekend essentially consisted of buying new duplicates of things which I had forgotten to pack, and trying to fix everything that was broken in my new flat – I’m living in the heart of Manchester which meant I didn’t have too far to go though! However, I must admit that I left the majority of this to my parents – mainly because I spent Saturday with some new work colleagues who were out in town that day. After being treated to a steak by Elliot and Alex, the two members of the DJS team who are looking after me whilst I’m here, and then spending the evening in a few trendy bars with the wider team, I knew that my nerves regarding my first day on Monday were misplaced!

I woke up for my first morning with the help of two alarms…trying to break the student sleeping routine is going to be hard! However, the mornings (and staying awake on the train to work) got easier as the week went on and I got more involved and excited about my role in the company. Having read a lot of the testimonials from previous DJS interns, I did have an idea that I would be, to use their term, ‘thrown in at the deep-end’ – but even so, I’m already doing a lot more project work than I thought I would be, and I even got to sit in on a conference call to be briefed for a new project which I’m going to be involved in! I already feel like I am learning new skills and I am excited about what these next three months hold (no doubt a lot of tea* judging by Team Blue)!


*We would like to point out that Beth’s mentioning of the brew rounds is common among interns – there are several steep curves when making the move from academic to commercial research; but we find that caffeine intake is one of the steepest. We’re pleased to say that Beth has done a great job – she might not be sleeping anymore, but her commitment to the team ethos of ‘a round per person, per day’ can’t be faulted. – Elliot and Alex.

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