Multi National Research Being Conducted At DJS Research Ltd

4th May 2011 18:01

We are currently carrying out a research project across 10 countries including China, Brazil, India and Europe. Two of our researchers, Kate Slater and Matt Bristow will be visiting China and Brazil to brief our research partners over the next week.

The project represents a growing trend for international research projects at DJS Research Ltd. Last year we undertook research in over 20 countries. Our experience in this area puts us in a good position to compete with larger international research agencies.

We are familiar with any cultural issues which surround international market research. For example, we understand which techniques work best in which countries, issues around using rating scales across countries and translation issues. We also have access to fully vetted research partners in a number of countries.

After completion of the current project we will be writing a white paper (to be published on our site) which will contain some considerations and complexities to think about when carrying out international research projects. 

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