Opening-Up Education: DJS Research and the Open University

18th June 2012 13:04

Data from a study carried out by DJS Research Ltd for The Open University was used in the launch of the University’s new video campaign entitled ‘Ways to Pay’, which is designed to widen awareness of the many flexible ways people can pay for part-time study. This represents a further addition to the agency’s strong research expertise in the Education Sector.

The research, conducted with 1,590 respondents who were considering access to Higher Education in England in the next five years, demonstrated that more than 7 in 10 (71%) felt they were unsure about funding options or that they did not have enough information to make an informed decision.

The OU’s ‘Ways to Pay’ video  is described as a ‘a whistle-stop tour through the Government’s tuition fee loans, financial support for students with low incomes, the OU’s own loan system, employer sponsorship and paying upfront’ and represents an excellent source of knowledge for prospective students.

Danny Sims, the company’s Managing Director, has been a long-time supporter of improving access to higher education:

“Clearly, we at DJS are pleased to have been involved in research which has been used in a  project that could have such a positive outcome for so many individuals. Giving people the opportunity to demonstrate their talents is a vital ingredient for success, and this is as true in education as it is in business. I’d like to congratulate The Open University on the way in which they utilised research to explore and confirm their existing assumptions. The resource they have provided as a result benefits a great many potential learners who were previously confused by the financial routes available to allow them to study at a higher level.”

DJS Research Ltd researchers have wide-ranging experience in the education sector; having worked for numerous universities, colleges, schools, awarding bodies and industry associations for many years. To find out more about agency’s offer in this sector, please visit the dedicated education page on our website.

For more information on the Open University’s ‘Ways to Pay’ video, please visit the University’s website.

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