Preparations for VoicED Moving Rapidly

15th August 2011 16:18

VoicED will be the first online education research panel dedicated purely to market research – there will be no sales and no marketing on the site. Additionally, incentives will be given to both respondents and the institutions they represent, and research findings will be posted on the website in order to allow respondents to see how their answers influence the education sector and the organisations involved in it.

In the past, teachers and educators were very difficult to get hold of for research purposes. The nature of their work necessitated a telephone methodology which was not only time consuming, but also required experienced interviewers in order to complete a questionnaire in the limited time teachers have available to them in the day. The VoicED panel gives teachers the opportunity to share their views at the time most suited to them and from a location they feel comfortable in - allowing researchers to approach this hard-to-reach group with the minimal disruption to their professional activities.

Following the completion of a research project to understand what teachers and other education professionals wanted from an online market research panel, DJS Research have moved quickly to ensure the community is ready for the proposed launch date of September 2011.

The VoicED website is now almost complete – with only some minor changes to content and functionality remaining. Matthew Coulling, Head of Data Services at DJS Research Ltd and the project’s technical director, is very pleased with the progress:

“It’s moving really well. We have the majority of the functionality in place and there are a few small tweaks to make to the wording and images – but we feel confident enough that we’re near the final product to have released some preliminary screenshots. It’s going to be a fantastic tool for researchers and we think we’ve provided a great resource for educators too!”

Danny Sims, Managing Director of DJS Research Ltd, praised the team:

“I’ve seen it moving towards completion slowly, and I’ve seen the effort that everyone on the VoicED team has put in in order to make the project a success. The technical side has gone as smoothly as could reasonably be hoped for, the content on the website is looking good and the marketers have managed to get a bit of a buzz in the education community around it. All things considered I think we’ll be ready well in advance of the September launch date – but we’ll just have to wait and see!”

Although the website is not scheduled to go live until late 2011, screenshots and information can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn; the panel also has a Twitter account.

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