Statistically Speaking

5th July 2012 16:05

DJS Research Ltd would like to congratulate Bethan Turner who has been accepted in to the Royal Statistical Society with immediate effect. As a member of the Society with Graduate Statistician status, Bethan is now entitled to use the designation GradStat after her name.

Following the approval of her application, Bethan will continue to contribute to the statistic-heavy research services which DJS Research is able to provide – such as correlation/regression analysis, segmentation using cluster and factor analysis, conjoint, CHAID, and key driver analysis among others.

Bethan arrived at DJS Research with a First Class degree in Mathematics and an MRes in Statistics and Operational Research. These skills give Bethan a firm grounding in quantitative methodologies, as recognised by her acceptance in to the Royal Statistical Society, and she is quickly gaining experience in qualitative research in order to be able to provide a holistic approach to all research requirements.

Over the next five years, Bethan will continue to gain experience and training in a professional environment. Following this, she will be eligible to apply for Chartered Statistician status.

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